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Independent Speech and Language Therapy

Katie Sherwood BSc (Hons), MRCSLT, MASLTIP, MHPC


What Is A Typical Therapy Session?

A typical therapy session will last 60 minutes and will involve structured play activities, which are used to develop particular skills in speech, language and/or communication.

Aims are set prior to the session and evaluated at the end of the session.

Parents, carers and staff, (if required) are supported to extend these aims through practise and by developing their own knowledge and awareness of the child or young persons speech and profile language, as well as their own communication skills.

Following the session with the child or young person there will be time for discussion with parents or carers. The time spent with parents or carers will vary according to the amount of time spent working directly with the child or young person, taking in to account factors such as attention span, motivation and co-operation. A home programme can be provided with suggestions for games to play and general advice and strategies.

Therapy sessions are usually carried out in the therapist's home. This is a relaxed, quiet and distraction-free environment for the child or young person. Where possible the therapist will provide resources, or 'homework', which will enable parents or carers to carry out the same activities, following the therapy session.


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